Ambassador Building Maintenance offers several residential cleaning services such as truck mounted carpet steam cleaning, Truck Mounted Tile and Grout Cleaning, Pre-Occupancy cleaning for rental turnovers and home purchases. Special services such as Pet Odor and Urine Stain removal, hard to remove stains (Including: Lipstick, red dye, nail polish, wax, etc), Grout sealing, Small carpet repair, Carpet Stretching, and Basement flood extraction.

Ambassador also offers High power hot water pressure washing for driveways, garage floors, patios and decks.



Our truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning service is capable of restoring the life to the fabrics and will specialize in more than just ridding the carpet and furniture of everyday grime and debris.

There are three basic steps to the process: prepping, cleaning, and finishing.  Each company may have different ways of completing each step, but it ultimately boils down to those three things.

Our experienced and educated professionals know how to maintain the integrity of the fabrics while completing the project.  We will also be environmentally conscious of the chemicals used in the process. Not only should the chemicals be safe for disposal, but the chemicals should be non-toxic to the occupants.



As your construction project nears completion, make sure that your new space will be clean. All surfaces will be scrubbed, vacuumed, and detail-cleaned to the highest standards.  We recognize construction schedules change and this makes arranging clean-up services difficult. However, our crews are available on short notice for any size task. We will work with you to prepare your retail space, commercial plaza, condominium or office building for a successful opening day.

No detail is too small and no project is too large for us. Our team of trained and experienced professionals will provide all the modern equipment and highest-quality cleaning products required to clear away all construction dust, dirt and last-minute clutter.



Educational institutions are the pride of a community. This includes private and public schools, day cares, college/university campuses, and student residences. Educational buildings require careful, constant, and detailed attention. They are not only busy, high-traffic areas, but the variety of individuals – students, teachers, administrators, and visitors – have a broad range of needs.

Ambassador meets these challenges with professionalism, care, and flexibility to the ever-changing requirements of schools.  All personnel assigned to augment staff or as substitutes for regularly scheduled staff is also screened and cleared.




Healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, long-term care units, and retirement residences, require particularly rigorous cleaning care and treatment. Infection control, safety, and a fresh, pleasant environment are all important considerations.

The cleaning staff assigned to healthcare facilities are specially trained to understand and follow all procedures and requirements for this important work.



Industrial buildings, particularly ones that include manufacturing facilities, offer special needs and challenges for their cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Ambassador’s staff will meet with facilities staff to determine specific requirements for your building and will work with you to plan a cleaning program and schedule that meets your needs.



Institutional buildings are not only subject to the highest traffic, but often require specialized cleaning and maintenance services. Public, high-traffic buildings are subject to the greatest wear, accumulation of materials and the highest challenge for toxin and infection control.

Ambassador’s well-trained, dedicated cleaning staff is prepared to maintain a clean, attractive, and safe environment in institutional buildings. Our uniformed, badge-identified cleaning staff are trained in best-practice cleaning procedures.



Commercial buildings depend upon a clean, inviting appearance to attract visitors and customers. It is extremely important that entrance areas, lobbies, common areas, waiting areas and washrooms be kept spotless to uphold the public perception of your business.

Ambassador’s team of well-trained, dedicated cleaning staff is ready and able to clean and maintain your company’s public areas, staff offices, behind-the-scenes work spaces, and storage areas.




Ambassador also specializes in a wide range of Machine Line cleaning with machines such as Robotic arms, grinders, lathes, stamping presses, etc. We take pride in the detailed work we offer when working with such specialized equipment.



Ambassador specializes in a wide range of specialty cleaning services. We have worked with numerous different corporations to clean their various specialties such as conveyors, printing press operating machines, etc.  We also work with aerial lifts where required.